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There is no such thing as a fixed policy, because policy like all organic entities is always in the making.

    Topics: Life

Metaphysicians can unsettle things, but they can erect nothing. They can pull down a church, but they cannot build a hovel.

    Topics: Life

Every man is an original and solitary character. None can either understand or feel the book of his own life like himself.

    Topics: Life

The nurse of infidelity is sensuality.

    Topics: Lust

The history of all the great characters of the Bible is summed up in this one sentence: They acquainted themselves with God, and acquiesced His will in all things.

    Topics: Obedience, The Bible

Think of the ills from which you are exempt, and it will aid you to bear patiently those which now you may suffer.

    Topics: Patience, Suffering

To persevere in one's duty, and be silent, is the best answer to calumny.

    Topics: Perseverance

Philosophy is a proud, sullen detector of the poverty and misery of man. It may turn him from the world with a proud, sturdy contempt; but it cannot come forward and say, here are rest, grace, pardon, peace, strength, and consolation.

    Topics: Philosophy

Our Heavenly Father always sends His children the things they ask, or better things.

    Topics: Prayer, Grace

We are urgent about the body; He is about the soul. We call for present comforts; He considers our everlasting rest. And therefore when He sends not the very things we ask, He hears us by sending greater than we can ask or think.

    Topics: Prayer, Rest

God's way of answering the Christian's prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction.

    Topics: Prayer, Affliction, Patience

The Christian will find his parentheses for prayer even in the busiest hours of life.

    Topics: Prayer

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