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Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do.

    Author: Isaac Watts

But as long as we live on the earth, we are still on Satan's turf. He will try to rule our lives by deceiving us into believing that we still belong to him.

    Author: Neil T. Anderson

The major strategy of Satan is to distort the character of God and the truth of who we are. He can't change God and he can't do anything to change our identity and position in Christ. If, however, he can get us to believe a lie, we will live as though our identity in Christ isn't true.

    Author: Neil T. Anderson

As Christ has a Gospel, Satan has a gospel too; the latter being a clever counterfeit of the former. So closely does the gospel of Satan resemble that which it parades, multitudes of the unsaved are deceived by it.

    Author: A.W. Pink

In contradistinction to the Gospel of Christ, the gospel of Satan teaches salvation by works.

    Author: A.W. Pink

Satan is not an initiator but an imitator.

    Author: A.W. Pink

Satan is the arch-counterfeiter.

    Author: A.W. Pink

The gospel of Satan announces salvation by character, which reverses the order of God's Word--character by, as the fruit of, salvation.

    Author: A.W. Pink

It's Satan's delight to tell me that once he's got me, he will keep me. But at that moment I can go back to God. And I know that if I confess my sins, God is faithful and just to forgive me.

    Author: Alan Redpath

Don't ever try to argue with the Devil.

    Author: Rick Warren

The Media is ruled by Satan. But yet I wonder if many Christians fully understand that. Also, will they believe what the Media says, considering that its aim is to steal, kill, and destroy?

    Author: Jimmy Swaggart

The devil will endeavor to fascinate through the eyes and through the mind.

    Author: Smith Wigglesworth

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