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Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason. I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other - my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.

    Author: Martin Luther

Before I translated the New Testament out of the Greek, all longed after it; when it was done, their longing lasted scarce four weeks. Then they desired the books of Moses; when I had translated these, they had enough thereof in a short time. After that, they would have the Psalms; of these they were soon weary, and desired other books. So it will be with the book of Ecclesiastes, which they now long for, and about which I have taken great pains. All is acceptable until our giddy brains be satisfied; afterwards we let familiar things lie, and seek after new.

    Author: Martin Luther

God's "nothings" are His most positive answers. We have to stay on God and wait. Never try to help God to fulfill His word.

    Author: Oswald Chambers

Beware of reasoning about God's Word - obey it.

    Author: Oswald Chambers

He that despairs degrades the Deity, and seems to intimate that He is insufficient, or not just to his word; in vain hath he read the Scriptures, the world, and man.

    Author: Owen Feltham

There is mention of a sword turning every way: parallel whereto is the Word of God in a wounded conscience. Man's heart is full of windings, turnings, and doublings, to shift and shun the stroke thereof, if possible: but this sword meets them wheresoever they move; it fetches and finds them out; it haunts and hunts them, forbidding them, during their agony, any entrance into the paradise of one comfortable thought.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

The amount of time we spend with Jesus - meditating on His Word and His majesty, seeking His face - establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom.

    Author: Charles Stanley

The seed once sown grows of itself, from its own impulse and power of life. The self-inherent power of growth of the kingdom of God.
- Rudolph Stier

    Author: Assorted Authors

The meanness of the earthen vessel which conveys to others the Gospel of treasure, takes nothing from the value of the treasure. A dying hand may sign a deed of gift of incalculable value. A shepherd's boy may point out the way to a philosopher. A beggar may be the bearer of an invaluable present.

    Author: Richard Cecil

The man who thinks he can know the Word of God by mere intellectual study is greatly deceived. Spiritual truth is spiritually discerned.

    Author: Samuel Chadwick

All the prayers in the Scripture you will find to be reasoning with God, not a multitude of words heaped together.

    Author: Stephen Charnock

The books of Nature and of Revelation equally elevate our conceptions and invite our piety; they are both written by the finger of the one eternal, incomprehensible God.

    Author: Thomas Watson

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