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Shelton Smith Quotes

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       Shelton Smith
       Dr. Shelton Smith (born December 4, 1942) is the current editor of The Sword of the Lord, a Christian fundamentalist publisher, based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is involved with the Independent Baptist movement.
       Shelton Smith was a long time Pastor, his longest tenure being at Church of the Open Door/Carroll Christian Schools in Westminster, Maryland, from 1979 to 1995. He received his Doctor of Ministry, Practical Theology from Luther Rice Seminary in 1976, and his Doctor of Theology from Midwestern Baptist College and Seminary in 2003.
       With the passing of Curtis Hutson, Smith became the editor of The Sword of the Lord in April 1995. Smith has continued to lead The Sword with its association with the Independent Baptist movement. Smith continues editing The Sword as well as preaching in churches around America.

    Shelton Smith on:    

Just because Congress passes a law and says it's all right to do a certain thing does not mean that it's all right to do it. Abortion is still just as wrong today as it was the first day of January, 1973.

    Topics: Abortion

This generation of Americans feel as if they have a graduate degree in understanding. Since they think they know everything there is to know, they think they don't need God.

    Topics: America, Rebellion

The welfare system in this country has literally crippled millions. It has gotten people bound and gagged so that they cannot get off it. It is such a fouled-up system.

    Topics: America, Laziness

America has gone too far. It has gone much too far down the pike, and there will be a bitter wage to pay for a long time to come.

    Topics: America

I'm sorry. I'll help you learn the begats too, if you are intensely interested in that; but we will continue to talk about stuff going on in our area of the world. I'm convinced we can make a difference in our city--and in our country!

    Topics: America

Take a nation, tell the people there is no God, tell them there is nothing beyond the grave, and they will lose heart, lose their morale. They will become such a shiftless, lazy, apathetic, lethargic people that you won't be able to get half of them to work. Many will not be motivated by anything.

    Topics: Atheism

Let our voice be heard and not be afraid nor intimidated by those who try to get us to shut up and dry out. Real ambassadors publish the Good News and the good tidings and get as many people saved as they can. Going soul winning regularly will make the difference in our society.

    Topics: Evangelism

If we get enough folks saved in this county, it will make a difference on the street where you live. It will be safer in your neighborhood. All kinds of good things will come.

    Topics: Evangelism, America

Parental rights are so seriously eroded that families can no longer legally exercise the kind of controls that they ought to be able to exercise. And our families are in serious trouble because of it.

    Topics: Family

We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    Topics: Government

Do you want a happy heart when you are old? Then get with the Lord and stay with Him. That is how it works.

    Topics: Happiness, Age

The secularists, the humanists, the liberals--those who have no use for God--continue to do what they want to do, not realizing that their philosophy is flawed and will fail. One day it will be too late for many of them.

    Topics: Humanism, Philosophy

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