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Perfect love will never want the preeminence in everything, it will never want to take the place of another, it will always be willing to take the back seat.

    Topics: Love

There is a fruit of the Spirit that must accompany the gift of healing and that is longsuffering.

    Topics: Patience

God has given us much in these last days, and where much is given much will be required.

    Topics: Perseverance

When the saint ceases to seek after holiness, purity, righteousness, truth; when he ceases to pray, stops reading the Word and gives way to carnal appetites, then it is that Satan comes.

    Topics: Purity, Prayer, Carnality

The devil will endeavor to fascinate through the eyes and through the mind.

    Topics: Satan

To discern spirits we must dwell with Him who is holy, and He will give the revelation and unveil the mask of Satanic power on all lines.

    Topics: Satan, Discernment

It seems to me better to get the Book of books for food for your soul, for the strengthening of your faith, and the building up of your character in God, so that all the time you are being changed and made meet to walk with God.

    Topics: Scripture, Faith

The living Word is able to destroy Satanic forces.

    Topics: Scripture

This blessed Book brings such life and health and peace, and such an abundance that we should never be poor any more.

    Topics: Scripture, Health

God has chosen us to help one another.

    Topics: Service, Charity, Helping

The moment a man falls into sin, divine life ceases to flow, and his life becomes one of helplessness.

    Topics: Sin

You cannot help distresses coming. They will come, and offenses will come, but woe unto those that cause offenses. See that you do not cause offense. See that you live in a higher tide. See that your tongue cannot move.

    Topics: Stress, Suffering, The Tongue

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