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Temptation Quotes

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God is better served in resisting a temptation to evil than in many formal prayers.

    Author: William Penn

If thou wouldst conquer thy weakness, thou must never gratify it. No man is compelled to evil: his consent only makes it his. It is no sin to be tempted, but to be overcome.

    Author: William Penn

I love the soul that dares tread the temptations of his years beneath his youthful feet.

    Author: Isaac Watts

The essence of temptation is the invitation to live independently of God.

    Author: Neil T. Anderson

Only he who flings himself upward when the pull comes to drag him down, can hope to break the force of temptation. Temptation may be an invitation to hell, but much more is it an opportunity to reach heaven.

    Author: Charles H. Brent

At the moment of temptation, sin and righteousness are both very near the Christian; but, of the two, the latter is the nearer. Those alone labor effectively among men who impetuously fling themselves upward towards God.

    Author: Charles H. Brent

But temptation is not sin. A man may ask me to share with him the spoils of a burglary, but no one can accuse me of receiving stolen property if I indignantly refuse and keep my doors tightly shut against him.

    Author: F.B. Meyer

Hand over to Christ every temptation and care.

    Author: F.B. Meyer

Temptation may even be a blessing to a man when it reveals to him his weakness and drives him to the almighty Savior. Do not be surprised, then, dear child of God, if you are tempted at every step of your earthly journey, and almost beyond endurance; but you will not be tempted beyond what you are able to bear, and with every temptation there will be a way of escape.

    Author: F.B. Meyer

What is sin? It is the "Yes of the will" to temptation.

    Author: F.B. Meyer

Watch the morning watch. Do not see the face of man until you have seen the face of God. Before you enter on the day with its temptations, look up into His face and hide His Word in your heart.

    Author: F.B. Meyer

Every temptation is an opportunity to do good.

    Author: Rick Warren

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