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Thomas Carlyle Quotes

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       Thomas Carlyle
       Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher during the Victorian era. He called economics "the dismal science", wrote articles for the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, and became a controversial social commentator.
       Coming from a strict Calvinist family, Carlyle was expected by his parents to become a preacher, but while at the University of Edinburgh, he lost his Christian faith. Calvinist values, however, remained with him throughout his life. This combination of a religious temperament with loss of faith in traditional Christianity made Carlyle's work appealing to many Victorians who were grappling with scientific and political changes that threatened the traditional social order.

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For a hundred that can bear adversity there is hardly one that can bear prosperity.

    Topics: Adversity, Prosperity

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. He has a work, a life-purpose; he has found it, and will follow it! Labor is life.

    Topics: Blessings, Work

If time is precious, no book that will not improve by repeated readings deserves to be read at all.

    Topics: Books, Time, Reading

Good Christian people, here lies for you an inestimable loan; take all heed thereof, in all carefulness, employ it: with high recompense, or else with heavy penalty, will it one day be required back.

    Topics: Christians

Show me the person you honor, for I know better by that the kind of person you are. For you show me what your idea of humanity is.

    Topics: Friendship

Men's hearts ought not to be set against one another, but set with one another, and all against evil only.

    Topics: Good and Evil

The eternal stars shine out as soon as it is dark enough.

    Topics: Good and Evil

No iron chain, or outward force of any kind, could ever compel the soul of man to believe or to disbelieve: it is his own indefeasible light, that judgment of his; he will reign and believe there by the grace of God alone!

    Topics: Grace

What is nature? Art thou not the living government of God? O Heaven, is it in very deed He then that ever speaks through thee, that lives and loves in thee, that lives and loves in me?

    Topics: Heaven, Nature

A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner.

    Topics: Holiness

Piety does not mean that a man should make a sour face about things, and refuse to enjoy in moderation what his Maker has given.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Piety

In idleness there is a perpetual despair.

    Topics: idleness

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