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Thomas Carlyle Quotes

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He walked into Judaea eighteen hundred years ago; His sphere melody, flowing in wild native tones, took captive the ravished souls of men, and, being of a truth sphere melody, still flows and sounds, though now with thousandfold accompaniments and rich symphonies, through all our hearts, and modulates and divinely leads them.

    Topics: Jesus

We are the miracle of miracles, the great inscrutable mystery of God.

    Topics: Miracles

Intellect is the soul of man, the only immortal part of him.

    Topics: Reasoning

A man's religion consists, not of the many things he is in doubt of and tries to believe, but of the few he is assured of and has no need of effort for believing.

    Topics: Religion, Believing, Doubt

The devil has his elect.

    Topics: Satan

Sarcasm I now see to be, in general, the language of the devil; for which reason I have long since as good as renounced it.

    Topics: Satan

All men, if they work not as in the great taskmaster's eye, will work wrong, and work unhappily for themselves and for you.

    Topics: Service

Labor is life: from the inmost heart of the worker rises his God-given force, the sacred celestial life-essence breathed into him by Almighty God!

    Topics: Service, The Heart

Blessed be the God's voice; for it is true, and falsehoods have to cease before it!

    Topics: Truth, Lying

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