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Though "the words of the wise be as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies," yet their examples are the hammer to drive them in to take the deeper hold. A father that whipped his son for swearing, and swore himself whilst he whipped him, did more harm by his example than good by his correction.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Examples, Children

Many hope the tree may be felled that they may gather chips by the fall.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Those who are surly and imperious to their inferiors are generally humble, flattering, and cringing to their superiors.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Prescribe no positive laws to thy will; for thou mayest be forced tomorrow to drink the same water thou despisest today.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Discretion

A fox should not be on the jury at a goose's trial.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Don't let your will roar when your power only whispers.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Power

Every horse thinks its own pack heaviest.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

He does not believe who does not live according to his belief.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Believing

He that flings dirt at another dirtieth himself most.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

The lion is not so fierce as painted.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

The mob has many heads but no brains.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

There is a great difference between painting a face and not washing it.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

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