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Even doubtful accusations leave a stain behind them.

    Topics: Lying

If I speak what is false, I must answer for it; if truth, it will answer for me.

    Topics: Lying, Truth
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Deceive not thyself by over-expecting happiness in the married state. Look not therein for contentment greater than God will give, or a creature in this world can receive, namely, to be free from all inconveniences. Marriage is not like the hill of Olympus, wholly clear, without clouds.

    Topics: Marriage, Deception

All the molestations of marriage are abundantly recompensed with the other comforts which God bestoweth on them who make a wise choice of a wife.

    Topics: Marriage, Choices

For a wife take the daughter of a good mother.

    Topics: Marriage, Mothers

The good wife is none of our dainty dames, who love to appear in a variety of suits every day new; as if a gown, like a stratagem in war, were to be used but once. But our good wife sets up a sail according to the keel of her husband's estate; and, if of high parentage, she doth not so remember what she was by birth, that she forgets what she is by match.

    Topics: Marriage

Deceive not thyself by overexpecting happiness in the married estate. Remember the nightingales which sing only some months in the spring, but commonly are silent when they have hatched their eggs.

    Topics: Marriage

If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.

    Topics: Marriage

Keep thy eyes wide open before marriage; and half shut afterward.

    Topics: Marriage, Humorous

She commandeth her husband, in any equal matter, by constant obeying him.

    Topics: Marriage

They that marry ancient people, merely in expectation to bury them, hang themselves in hope that one will come and cut the halter.

    Topics: Marriage

Though bachelors be the strongest stakes, married men are the best binders, in the hedge of the commonwealth.

    Topics: Marriage

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