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How weak a thing is gentility, if it wants virtue!

    Topics: Virtue

Judge of thine improvement, not by what thou speakest or writest, but by the firmness of thy mind, and the government of thy passions and affections.

    Topics: Virtue, Discretion, Judging

In conversation use some, but not too much ceremony; it teaches others to be courteous, too. Demeanors are commonly paid back in their own coin.

    Topics: Virtue, Discretion

Vices are as truly contrary to each other as to virtue.

    Topics: Virtue

Riches are long in getting with much pains, hard in keeping with much care, quick in losing with more sorrow.

    Topics: Wealth
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Riches may leave us while we live, we must leave them when we die.

    Topics: Wealth, Death
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.

    Topics: Wisdom, Light, Knowledge

If you would pass for more than your value, say little. It is easier to look wise than to talk wisely.

    Topics: Wisdom

A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell!

    Topics: Wisdom, Foolishness

A wise man may look ridiculous in the company of fools.

    Topics: Wisdom, Foolishness

A wise man turns chance into good fortune.

    Topics: Wisdom

If you command wisely, you'll be obeyed cheerfully.

    Topics: Wisdom, Cheerfulness

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