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Our eyes are just our eyes and not all we have for seeing, maybe not even the best we have for seeing. Facts are all the eye can see, eyes cannot see truth. It's not with the eyes of the head that we see truths like that, but with the eyes of the heart. To see (Jesus) with the heart is to know, in the long run, that his life is the only life worth living.

    Author: Frederick Buechner

It is easier to find a score of men wise enough to discover the truth than to find one intrepid enough, in the face of opposition, to stand up for it.

    Author: A.A. Hodge

No one truth is rightly held till it is clearly conceived and stated, and no single truth is adequately comprehended till it is viewed in harmonious relations to all the other truths of the system of which Christ is the centre.

    Author: A.A. Hodge

All that is glorious is but a phase of His infinite excellence, and so all truth and holiness, found in the Holy Scripture, are only a new tribute to Him who is the Truth, the Holy One of God.

    Author: A.T. Pierson

Christ is the key which unlocks the golden doors into the temple of Divine truth.

    Author: A.W. Pink

Withhold no part of the precious truth, but speak what you know and declare what you have seen. Do not allow the toil or darkness or possible unbelief of your friends to dissuade you. Let us rise and march to the place of duty, and there declare what great things God has shown to our soul.

    Author: Alistair Begg

The Christian apologist should be able to present God in his full attractiveness so that his rivals in the world are eclipsed.

    Author: Alister McGrath

Let us, then, cultivate an attitude of courage as over against the investigations of the day. None should be more zealous in them then we. None should be more quick to discern truth in every field, more hospitable to receive it, more loyal to follow it wherever it leads.

    Author: B.B. Warfield

God's truth always agrees with itself.

    Author: Richard Sibbes
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Give yourself to prayer, to reading and meditation on divine truths: strive to penetrate to the bottom of them and never be content with a superficial knowledge.

    Author: David Brainerd
    Source: Mr. Brainerd's Remains, consisting of Letters and Other Papers

Truth always carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation nevertheless. If our reflex action is always accommodation regardless of the centrality of the truth involved, there is something wrong.

    Author: Francis Schaeffer

We must stress that the basis for our faith is neither experience nor emotion but the truth as God has given it in verbalized, prepositional form in the Scripture and which we first of all apprehend with our minds.

    Author: Francis Schaeffer
    Source: The New Super-Spirituality, IVP, 1972, p. 24.

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