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Yet, surely, there must be some who will fling aside the (cowardly) love of peace, and speak out for our Lord, and for His truth. A craven spirit is upon man, and their tongues are paralyzed. Oh, for an outburst of true faith and holy zeal.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

Do we have any records from first-century 'journalists' who interviewed eyewitnesses, asked tough questions, and faithfully recorded what they scrupulously determined to be true?

    Author: Lee Strobel

Unless you have a rock-solid commitment to truth, the Bible won't change your life - it will only be so many words in a sea of words.

    Author: Winkie Pratney

If a man preaches free will how pleased men will be; but if he preaches free grace how offended they are. It is the truth which gives offence.

    Author: William Tiptaft

To maintain pure truth in the church, we should be ready to make any sacrifice, to hazard peace, to risk dissention and run the chance of division.

    Author: J.C. Ryle

He who loves will rejoice in the Truth, rejoice not in what he has been taught to believe; not in this Church's doctrine or in that; not in this issue, or in that issue; but "in the Truth." He will accept only what is real; he will strive to get at facts; he will search for Truth with a humble and unbiassed mind, and cherish whatever he finds at any sacrifice.

    Author: Henry Drummond
    Source: The Greatest Thing in the World.

He who abandons the personal search for truth, under whatever pretext, abandons truth. The very word truth, by becoming the limited possession of a guild, ceases to have any meaning; and faith, which can only be founded on truth, gives way to credulity, resting on mere opinion.

    Author: Henry Drummond
    Source: Natural Law, p. 352.

I have found it helpful to begin my day by systematically reading the Bible and giving God the opportunity to direct my attention to certain truths. These truths become the springboard to begin speaking to the Lord.

    Author: William Thrasher

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