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The church is in Christ as Eve was in Adam.
- Richard Hooker

    Topics: Church

A tender conscience is an inestimable blessing; that is, a conscience not only quick to discern what is evil, but instantly to shun it as the eyelid closes itself against the mote.
- Nehemiah Adams

    Topics: Conscience, Discernment

Let no man carry you beyond the bounds God hath set for you, nor make you believe he hath found a plainer or more certain way to heaven than Christ hath given us.
- Edward Stillingfleet

    Topics: Contentment

The utmost we can hope for in this life is contentment.
- Joseph Addison

    Topics: Contentment

The body of Benjamin Franklin, Printer, lies here, food for worms; but the work shall not be lost, for it will appear once more in a new and more elegant edition, revised and corrected by the Author.
- Benjamin Franklin

    Topics: Death, Work

Briars and thistles wither not so soon as lilies and roses. They may be taken out of the world, of whom the world is not worthy; and they remain behind, who are not worthy to live in the world.
- Christopher Love

    Topics: Death

Death comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes.
- John Donne

    Topics: Death

I have sent for you that you may see how a Christian can die.
- Joseph Addison

    Topics: Death
    Source: on his deathbed to stepson

You ask for a practical direction to teach you to die well. Detach your souls from everything that you love, separate from God. This, in a few words, is the science of dying.
- Louis Bourdaloue

    Topics: Death

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
- Mark Twain

    Topics: Death

Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
- Mark Twain

    Topics: Death

My dear Jesus, my Savior, is so deeply written in my heart, that I feel confident, that if my heart were to be cut open and chopped to pieces, the name of Jesus would be found written on every piece.
- Ignatius of Antioch

    Topics: Death, Jesus, The Heart

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