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Billy Sunday Quotes

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The difference between God's side and the devil's is the difference between heaven and hell.

    Topics: Good and Evil

If you took no more care of yourself physically than spiritually, you'd be just as dried up physically as you are spiritually.

    Topics: Health

God keeps no half-way house. It's either heaven or hell for you and me.

    Topics: Heaven, Hell

If there is no Hell, a good many preachers are obtaining money under false pretenses.

    Topics: Hell, Preaching, Hypocrisy

Hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.

    Topics: Hell, Satan

A man can slip into hell with his hand on the door-knob of heaven.

    Topics: Hell

Home is the place we love best and grumble the most.

    Topics: Home

If you would have your children turn out well, don't turn your home into a lunch counter and lodging house.

    Topics: Home, Children

Some homes need a hickory switch a good deal more than they do a piano.

    Topics: Home, Discipline

God likes a little humor, as is evidence by the fact that he made the monkeys, the parrot -- and some of you people.

    Topics: Humorous

There are individuals who have never done anything for Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt there are preachers as well, who have never done anything for the God Almighty.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Laziness

Jesus Christ was God's revenue officer.

    Topics: Jesus

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