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Daniel Fuller Quotes

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       Daniel Fuller
       Daniel P. Fuller is professor emeritus of hermeneutics at Fuller Theological Seminary where he taught from 1953 to 1993 and served as Dean of the School of Theology from 1963 to 1972. In addition, he served as president of the Gospel Broadcasting Association and the Fuller Evangelistic Association. Daniel is the son of Charles E. Fuller, co-founder with Harold Ockenga of Fuller Seminary.
       Daniel Fuller is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. He holds the doctor of theology degrees from Northern Baptist Seminary and from the University of Basel in Switzerland.
       Fuller is most famous for his gospel of grace continuum. A modified form of Covenant Theology that proposes that there has always been one unified way for man to gain salvation in the Bible, particularly through grace.

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God commands these people, made in His image, to multiply so that they, and thus God's image, will fill the earth.

    Topics: Creation
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

Just because creation gives God great delight, we cannot say that He is worshipping it; rather, He is worshipping Himself as He sees His goodness bringing such blessing to people that they give their heartfelt thanks and praise to Him for the benefits He imparts.

    Topics: Creation, Blessings
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

Genuine faith must go beyond the mere intellectual assent concerning biblical doctrines. People must let the implications of these doctrines radically affect their hearts so that they respond positively to God with the obedience and works of faith.

    Topics: Faith
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

If God did not forgive the Christian who confesses and turns away from sin, God would become unrighteous by holding in contempt Christ's atoning work, whose purpose was to uphold God's glory.

    Topics: Forgiveness, Confession
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

How could we enjoy heaven if during our lifetime we had used most of our time, treasure, and talents for ourselves and our select group?

    Topics: Heaven, Selfishness
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

I believe that the Holy Spirit is indispensable for an interpreter's reaching a correct interpretation of the text. The Spirit must work in the interpreter's heart so that he or she welcomes the biblical message that one's egotistic, sinful heart otherwise hates with a vengeance.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Scripture
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

In biblical thinking, genuine love exists only when good works are done in a context where God rather than the doer gets the credit.

    Topics: Love
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

People who regard themselves as invalids rather than heroes will make excellent missionaries.

    Topics: Missions

We understand why in the Bible repentance precedes faith. Before people find their need -- love met in God, they are looking to other things, often money, for satisfaction. So believing in God has to involve a 180-degree turn away (that is, repentance) from the love of money to find contentment and confidence for the future simply in knowing God and depending on His promises.

    Topics: Repentance, Money, The Future
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

For human beings self-worship is the worst sin, for God it is the epitome of His righteousness.|The Unity of the Bible

    Topics: Self-love

The most vital concern for each of us is to have a joyful and fulfilled future... Whatever people hope for in the future, that is what they worship, and whatever people worship, that is what they inevitably serve.

    Topics: The Future
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

We have to learn to commit not only the future but also the past to the Lord.

    Topics: The Future
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

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