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Duncan Campbell Quotes

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       Duncan Campbell
       Duncan Campbell was a fiery Scottish preacher, whose main claim to fame is that he was a leader in the Lewis Awakening or Hebrides Revival, a mid-20th century religious revival in the Scottish Hebrides.
       Campbell was outspoken about two aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit. The first was that, in his view, a true revival was a move of God that affected, not only church members, but the surrounding community in a way that was visible to all parties concerned (work stopping, bars closing, crime ceasing, etc). The second was the definite and profound experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost subsequent to conversion.
       His practice in evangelistic meetings was not to make the usual altar call, but to invite people to come to another room to pray and seek God. In his ministry in Lewis, he sought to transcend denominational boundaries, but this was at times difficult.
       Duncan Campbell was, before everything else, a man of prayer and almost invariably started the day with a period of prayer and study of the Bible.

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Today, we have a Christianity made easy as an accommodation to an age that is unwilling to face the implication of Calvary, and the gospel of 'simply believism' has produced a harvest of professions which have done untold harm to the cause of Christ.

    Topics: Apathy, Christianity

How easy it is to live more or less in the enjoyment of God's free grace, and yet not realize that we are called to fulfill a divinely appointed purpose.

    Topics: Apathy

There is a kind of gospel being proclaimed today which conveniently accommodates itself to the spirit of the age, and makes no demand for godliness.

    Topics: Apathy, Heresy, Godliness

Can we be casual in the work of God -- casual when the house is on fire, and people in danger of being burned?

    Topics: Apathy, Evangelism, Work

The Kingdom of God is not going to be advanced by our churches becoming filled with men, but by men in our churches becoming filled with God.

    Topics: Church, Holy Spirit

To me, one of the most disturbing features of present-day evangelism is the over-emphasis on what man can do, and I believe this to be the reason why we so often fail to get men and women to make the contact with Christ that is vital.

    Topics: Evangelism, Women

The success or failure of our work as a church or mission depends, in the last resort, largely, not in the number of preachers we put into the field, nor on the size of our congregations, but rather on the character of Christianity we and our work produce.

    Topics: Evangelism, Work, Missions

We must take ourselves in hand, and school ourselves, especially our wills, into a greater fitness for the serious business of living as Christian workers, of being ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

    Topics: Evangelism, Perseverance

All that God asks is that the heart should be cleansed from sin, full of love, whether it be the tender heart of a little child, with feeble powers of loving, or of the full-grown man.

    Topics: Holiness, The Heart

This desire for heart purity is a creation of the Holy Spirit at work in the heart.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Purity, The Heart

It is the signature of the Holy Ghost upon our work and witness that makes all the difference.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Witnessing

We all believe in the sovereignty of God in the affairs of men, but when this view is strained to the point of eliminating man's responsibility, we have no hesitation in saying it borders on heresy.

    Topics: Laziness, Heresy, Responsibility

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