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It is a great cause oftentimes why God blesseth not means, because we are so apt to trust in them, and rob God of his glory, not waiting for a blessing at his hands.

    Author: Abraham Wright

There are no men more careful of the use of means than those that are surest of a good issue and conclusion, for the one stirs up diligence in the other. Assurance of the end stirs up diligence in the means. For the soul of a believing Christian knows that God has decreed both.

    Author: Richard Sibbes
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

When you take care of your job, God will take care of the paycheck.

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

Financial pursuits and gains are not the key to happiness; the key is keeping God first.

    Author: Paul Chappell

Have you ever noticed that those who worry about finances never seem to have enough?

    Author: Paul Chappell

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