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G.V. Wigram Quotes

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       G.V. Wigram
       1805 - 1879
       George Vicesimus Wigram was an English biblical scholar and theologian. As a young man George Wigram obtained a commission in the army. One of his postings was to Brussels. He spent one evening exploring the Waterloo battlefield and it was here he had a religious experience that changed his life. This led to him resigning his army commission and in 1826 he entered Queens College, Oxford with the intention of becoming an Anglican clergyman.
       At Oxford he met John Nelson Darby and Benjamin Wills Newton. Dissatisfied with the established church, Wigram and his friends left the Anglican church and helped establish non-denominational assemblies which became known as the Plymouth Brethren.
       Wigram had a keen interest in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible, which was of great interest to the emerging Brethren assemblies. In 1839, after years of work and financial investment, he published The Englishman's Greek and English Concordance to the New Testament, followed in 1843 by The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance to the Old Testament.
       With Wigram's help, Darby became the most influential personality within the Brethren movement. Wigram is often referred to as being Darby's lieutenant as he firmly supported Darby during moments of crisis. He also helped Darby fend off accusations of heresy, also in regards to the sufferings of Christ, in articles written in 1858 and 1866, which some considered were very similar to Newton's errors two decades earlier.

    G.V. Wigram on:    

If you do not understand what God's present claims over you are, you may depend upon it that as days of testing come on you will not be able to keep your footing.

    Topics: Affliction

If you see any beauty in Christ, and say, "I desire to have that," God will work it in you.

    Topics: Beauty

The flesh must be broken. The Lord can use us then, not while it is unbroken. While Paul was writhing under Satan's thorn, he could get some estimate, though not a full one, of what the flesh is as God sees it. When it was broken, and Paul did not know what to do, the Lord came to pour sympathy into the writhing heart of Paul.

    Topics: Brokenness

The freshness of heart in Christ was always the same. You and I get so weary in our experience of the wilderness, but Christ's heart is never wearied, it is as freshly set on the bride as when God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.

    Topics: Christ

I see Christ's heart yearning over poor sinners--not poor sinners' hearts yearning after Christ.

    Topics: Christ, Sin

God has set us in His Son, hidden us in Him. As Moses was put into the cleft of the rock, so God has put us into Christ.

    Topics: Christ, Salvation

The people of God may have to taste a little of the waters of death's dark river, but Christ went to the very bottom of it, and rose again, and is alive for evermore.

    Topics: Christians, Death

If you and I are to meet Christ with joy when He comes, we must make quite sure that our consciences are up to the mark with Him where He is in God's presence; able to be in identification with Him up there in the light: if not, you will not be able to meet His face with joy.

    Topics: Conscience, Joy

Are you ready to go at once straight into heaven, if the gates were thrown open? What manner of persons ought we to be to say it! Are we walking in a way perfectly consistent with stepping tonight at once into the glory, to be at home in the Father's house?

    Topics: Eternity, Holiness

The question of speaking to souls is a question of personal love to the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not say you have no gift for it. Do you love Christ? If so, you will never lose an opportunity of speaking a word for Him.

    Topics: Evangelism

We are too apt to look and see how others walk, which is not faith, and to allow our own steps to be more or less affected by the walk of others around us. But in so doing, my soul is not carrying out the spirit of life in my walk.

    Topics: Examples

When people fail, we are inclined to find fault with them, but if you look more closely, you will find that God had some particular truth for them to learn, which the trouble they are in is to teach them.

    Topics: Failure, Learning

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