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All hangs on Himself, whether to sustain faith or to lead forth praise.

    Topics: Faith, Praise

Faith is an individual thing--it is God and myself. If God has spoken to me, I have received the word, and do it I must, whether men bear or forbear. The one who receives the word has to yield himself to God.

    Topics: Faith

If the God of heaven is occupied with us, how many thoughts ought not we to have of that God? It is only as occupied with God and with Christ that we can be unworldly.

    Topics: Godliness

It comes to my having the mind of God, do I want to be like Christ in everything? If born of God, I have power to overcome all that is not of God, and to walk according to God.

    Topics: Godliness

Do I walk as a heavenly man--my ways, my conversation, the ways and conversation of a man whom Christ has stooped to wash in His blood?

    Topics: Godliness

Strange that I am not ever looking up, if I expect to see the door of heaven open, and the One I love coming out. Oh! what a scene, when He comes forth to change these vile bodies, fashioning them like to His own glorious body!

    Topics: Heaven

Shall we find that we have experienced all Christ's love here, when we meet Him in heaven?

    Topics: Heaven

The Lord draws every soul alike; a pure spring of water will fill every vessel alike, whatever the size or shape of the vessel.

    Topics: Holy Spirit

If I could say I am a better man than when I began life in Christ, it would be only because I see more of my own vileness now than I did years ago.

    Topics: Humility

No one can get above circumstances unless he knows that he has the ear of God. The power of intercession is a great thing to the servant of God.

    Topics: Intercession

Do you want comfort? Nothing can give it so much as the thought of His coming. There may be sorrow in the night, but joy enough--fulness of joy--in that morning when we shall see Him as He is: fulness of joy in being like Him and with Him for evermore.

    Topics: Joy

If the life of Christ is flowing through us, the water from the Rock turning the wheel, as it flows into the heart, it will fill us with joy; and if so, we cannot contain it, it must flow out.

    Topics: Joy

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