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He knows where every, separate little heap of dust rests--the dust of a Peter and of a Paul,--all to be raised in a moment and made glorious bodies like unto His own. Then it will come out in a volume, the whole sum and substance of the gospel of the glory shut up in Him.

    Topics: Resurrection, The Future

It is a strange thing that the first principles of religion are so forgotten in these days. Do you know what you imply when you say that you are a Christian? It is that you are as guiltless in God's sight as Christ Himself.

    Topics: Righteousness

When He separates any one to Himself, He plants the blood of Christ right behind them.

    Topics: Service

Do you find a single occasion in which Christ ever acted independently of God? If you walk in the same path it will be sweet to you to feel your entire dependency, finding in all difficulties the everlasting arms underneath.

    Topics: Service, Godliness

If you and I have taken the place of owning Christ as Lord, we shall be sure to have a little bit of suffering. If He is Lord over me, I must do everything to please Him, and I shall be sure to displease friends. I must give up this thing and not do the other, cost what it may, if He is Master.

    Topics: Suffering

Have you known fellowship in suffering with Christ? known deep waters? You will have to go down to them. If you do not get sorrow in fellowship with Christ, you will get it in discipline.

    Topics: Suffering

Can I connect all the sorrows of the wilderness with Christ's glory? Have I set up as my banner, "To me to live is Christ"? Do I devote myself and all I have to Christ's glory, turning everything into an occasion for magnifying Him?

    Topics: Surrender

God saw in the cross of His Son the only door by which he could enter to give blessing to sinners.

    Topics: The Cross

That cross has separated me from the world that crucified my Lord, just as much as if His body were now on the cross, marred and wounded by the world.

    Topics: The Cross

The doctrine of the gospel as in the person of Christ is a lost thing in the present day, because it is always presented on the side that meets man, and not God's side.

    Topics: The Gospel

Sorrows and trials are not only like the sand and grit that polish a stone, but I shall be made to taste, through the trouble, what Christ is to me.

    Topics: Trials

What wealth have you, if you have not got Christ? If Christ is the object before you, will all the things that fret you take Christ from you? All the things you long for, will they give you more of Christ?

    Topics: Wealth

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