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Hypocrisy Quotes

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A divided heart loses both worlds.

    Author: A.B. Simpson

If a sinner comes into your assembly or you otherwise come into contact with him, remember that he is a human being for whom Christ died. He stands at the foot of the cross, just as you stand at the foot of the cross.

    Author: J. Vernon McGee

Some people go too church and shout "amen" louder than everyone else, thinking it proves how spiritual they are. In reality, it only proves they have a loud mouth and the disposition of an exhibitionist. They make themselves the center of attention instead of Jesus.

    Author: John Hagee

While our abandonment blesses or spares us, we shall find many to advise it; but let it bring us into trouble, and the most spiritually-minded will exclaim against it.

    Author: Madame Guyon

Nothing is sadder than profession without possession.

    Author: Harry Ironside

Many are ashamed to be seen as God made them; few are ashamed to be seen what the devil hath made them. Many are troubled at small defects in the outward man; few are troubled at the greatest deformities of the inward man; many buy artificial beauty to supply the natural; few spiritual, to supply the defects of the supernatural beauty of the soul.

    Author: Abraham Wright

While I disparage the exercise of "building one's self-esteem" I indulge in it every time I imagine myself free from the defects I perceive in someone else.

    Author: Elisabeth Elliot
    Source: Secure in the Everlasting Arms, Revell, 2002

Many blush to confess their faults, who never blush to commit them.

    Author: William Secker
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

It is a sad thing to be Christians at a supper, heathens in our shops, and devils in our closets.

    Author: Stephen Charnock
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Without the heart it is not worship; it is a stage play; an acting a part without being that person really a hypocrite. We may truly be said to worship God-though we lack perfection; but we cannot be said to worship Him if we lack sincerity.

    Author: Stephen Charnock

If men's religion prevails not to conquer and cure the wickedness of their hearts, it shall not always serve for a cloak. The day is coming when hypocrites will be stripped of their fig-leaves.

    Author: Matthew Henry

It is common for those that are farthest from God, to boast themselves most of their being near to the Church.

    Author: Matthew Henry

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