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John Hagee Quotes

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Want to know why American students' SAT scores are falling? We've kicked the light of the world out of the classroom.

    Topics: Education, America

If we were to become as intent on accomplishing our agenda as the gay rights activists and the feminist are for their agenda, we would see a change in this country. It's time for the church in America to turn our world upside down.

    Topics: Evangelism, America, Change

Paul never developed a negative attitude. He picked his bloody body up out of the dirt and went back into the city where he had almost been stoned to death, and he said, "Hey, about that sermon I didn't finish preaching--here it is!

    Topics: Evangelism, Preaching, Attitude

When you plant your seed in the Kingdom of God, the Lord will multiply it far better than Wall Street.

    Topics: Finances

Tithing is God's financial plan for world evangelism and your personal success. Tithing is what he church did before bingo.

    Topics: Finances, Church

Happy are those whose self-centered lives have been crushed and reshaped by the Master's hand to be full of mercy.

    Topics: Happiness, Mercy

Christianity certainly involves hardship and discipline. But it is founded on the solid rock of old fashioned happiness. Jesus is in the happiness business.

    Topics: Happiness, Christianity, Discipline

Holiness is reflected in our outward actions. But it's not determined by our outward actions.

    Topics: Holiness

Meekness enables us to be led by the Spirit of God.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Meekness

Some people go too church and shout "amen" louder than everyone else, thinking it proves how spiritual they are. In reality, it only proves they have a loud mouth and the disposition of an exhibitionist. They make themselves the center of attention instead of Jesus.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

On judgment day, you and I are going to stand before God and answer for the gap that exists between where we are and where we could have been had we lived by God's plan.

    Topics: Justice

Never ask God to provide for you what you can provide for yourself. Get up and go get it because God will only provide what you can't.

    Topics: Laziness, Perseverance

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