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When life is not fair, God is.

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

You have eternity to enjoy the honeymoon, but only a short time to prepare for the wedding.

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

God must be the very first thought and the very last thought in the life of every disciple of Jesus. God must be the centre as well as the circumference of our lives. We live and move in Him, within the circle that He has drawn for us. And within that circle we will always find Him (Acts 17:26,27).

    Author: Zac Poonen

There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.

    Author: William Barclay

We will often find compensation if we think more of what life has given us and less about what life has taken away.

    Author: William Barclay

Life is too short not to spend it doing what God wants us to do.

    Author: Jack Hyles

There is no one big will of God for your life, God has many wills for your life.

    Author: Jack Hyles

What we do today is more important than what we plan to do in the future.

    Author: Jack Hyles

The Word of God tells us of the day when tears shall be gone forever. Until we come to that day, we move through this world in the midst of tears.

    Author: Lee Roberson

My work is going to follow after me and yours is going to follow after you. Dear friend, I'm going to have about the same kind of works that follow after me that I had with me while I lived. There's no other way. Whether you like it or don't like it, if you live rotten, you are going to have some rotten works follow you.

    Author: Lester Roloff

If I read my New Testament aright, and if I know God, and if I know humanity, and if I know Nature, then that is God's programme. God's programme is that the whole of life should be permeated with Christ.

    Author: Gipsy Smith

The inconsistency is not in the Bible, but in your life.

    Author: Billy Sunday

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