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Consider the life you live-how do other people perceive your faith? While God doesn't expect you to live in perfection, He desires that you would do all you can to shine forth His light so others will see Him clearly.

    Author: Paul Chappell

It's not necessary to blow out your neighbor's light to let your own shine.

    Author: M.R. DeHaan

If God gave light and wisdom, the religion of Jesus was soon learned; but without God, a man might study all his life long, and make no proficiency.

    Author: Adoniram Judson

Christ cannot light a single spark in the heart of an individual, without that little tiny spark being for God. He gives the light, and has ordained that every ray of it is to reflect something for God.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

Soon we shall be up there with Christ. God did not mean us to be happy without Him; but God would first have us to be witnesses for Him down here, to hold out as much light as we can.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

If you have only a little ray of light, show out distinctly that you are for Him.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

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