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Acquire a government over your ideas, that they may come down when they are called, and depart when they are bidden.

    Author: Isaac Watts

Logic helps us to strip off the outward disguise of things, and to behold and judge of them in their own nature.

    Author: Isaac Watts

Reason is the glory of human nature, and one of the chief eminences whereby we are raised above the beasts, in this lower world.

    Author: Isaac Watts

The eyes of a man in the jaundice make yellow observations on everything; and the soul tinctured with any passion diffuses a false color over the appearance of things.

    Author: Isaac Watts

If you are not thinking right, if your mind is not being renewed, if you are not God and His Word properly, it will show up in your emotional life.

    Author: Neil T. Anderson

When your thoughts and opinions become intellectual gods in rebellion against the Word of God, you are in idolatry.

    Author: John Hagee

Reason should not undertake to comprehend the last destructions; they are ordained expressly to destroy our reason.

    Author: Madame Guyon

Just because it doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

When human reason has exhausted every possibility, the children can go to their Father and receive all they need. ... For only when you have become utterly dependent upon prayer and faith, only when all human possibilities have been exhausted, can you begin to reckon that God will intervene and work His miracles.

    Author: Basilea Schlink

No matter how high the powers of reason, no matter how deep the intellect, no one can discover God's secret messages without paying the cost of true discipleship.

    Author: Winkie Pratney

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