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Sin to a believer is horrible, because it crucified the Saviour; he sees in every iniquity the nails and spear.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

The heart of Christ became like a reservoir in the midst of the mountains. All the tributary streams of iniquity, and every drop of the sins of his people, ran down and gathered into one vast lake, deep as hell and shoreless as eternity. All these met, as it were, in Christ's heart, and he endured them all.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: Christian History, n. 29.

We took our sins and drove them like nails through His hands and feet. We lifted Him high up on the cross of our transgressions, and then we pierced His heart through with the spear of our unbelief.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

It is hard for anyone who has a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ to accept that the world hates Him, this One whom we love so much... I thought of the Lord of Glory hanging upon the cross on Calvary's hill, with the mockers about Him. Yet He died for them--and for those who mock Him still.

    Author: T.A. McMahon

If Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be, and He did die on a cross at a point of time in history, then, for all history past and all history future it is relevant because that is the very focal point for forgiveness and redemption.

    Author: Josh McDowell

Believing the right things about Jesus isn't enough. You're not adopted as God's child until you confess and turn away from your wrongdoing and receive the freely offered gift of forgiveness and eternal life that Jesus purchased with his death on the cross. Until you do that, you'll always be on the outside looking in.

    Author: Lee Strobel

In Jesus Christ on the Cross there is refuge; there is safety; there is shelter; and all the power of sin upon our track cannot reach us when we have taken shelter under the Cross that atones for our sins.

    Author: A.C. Dixon

No cross, no crown!

    Author: William Tiptaft

God saw in the cross of His Son the only door by which he could enter to give blessing to sinners.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

That cross has separated me from the world that crucified my Lord, just as much as if His body were now on the cross, marred and wounded by the world.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

If Christ had not gone to the cross and suffered in our stead, the just for the unjust, there would not have been a spark of hope for us. There would have been a mighty gulf between ourselves and God, which no man ever could have passed.

    Author: J.C. Ryle
    Source: The Cross: A Call to the Fundamentals of Religion.

Sin must indeed be exceeding sinful, when the Father must needs give His only Son to be the sinner's Friend!

    Author: J.C. Ryle
    Source: Foundations of Faith.

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