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There is no greater joy in the Christian life than to trust Him and need no explanation.

    Author: Jack Hyles

Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to God's love and the future to God's providence.

    Author: Augustine

Genuine faith that saves the soul has for its main element - trust - absolute rest of the whole soul - on the Lord Jesus Christ to save me, whether He died in particular or in special to save me or not, and relying, as I am, wholly and alone on Him, I am saved.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: Sermons, v. 58, p. 583-84.

I find myself frequently depressed - perhaps more so than any other person here. And I find no better cure for that depression than to trust in the Lord with all my heart, and seek to realize afresh the power of the peace-speaking blood of Jesus, and His infinite love in dying upon the cross to put away all my transgressions.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

We cannot always trace God's hand, but we can always trust God's heart.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

Trust God or die.

    Author: Winkie Pratney

God does not guide those who want to run their own life. He only guides those who admit their need of His direction and rely on His wisdom.

    Author: Winkie Pratney

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