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Genuine spiritual knowledge lies not in wonderful and mysterious thoughts but in actual spiritual experience through union of the believer's life with truth.

    Topics: Truth, Knowledge

When a truth is unfolded by God it most naturally becomes a power in man, who then finds himself able to believe.

    Topics: Truth, Faith, Power

Perhaps their speech does convey truth, but without the quickening of the Holy Spirit even truth is of small advantage.

    Topics: Truth, Holy Spirit

Only as they cease to seek anything by themselves and only as they take the position of the teachable shall they be taught by the Spirit truth which they are able to digest.

    Topics: Truth, Holy Spirit

To secure one's freedom the Christian must experience God's light which is God's truth.

    Topics: Truth, Light

The believer at minimum can declare by his will that he wants the truth, that he wants to know and obey the truth. By prayer and by choice of will he ought to resist every satanic lie, whatever form it may take a thought, an imagination or an argument.

    Topics: Truth, Choices

If the mind is open the individual will soon perceive the preciousness of a truth which initially appeared rather dull to him but now is illumined by the spirit's light.

    Topics: Truth, Light, Holy Spirit

Knowing the truth concerning the deep workings of the evil spirit helps the individual not only to overcome sins but to eliminate unnecessary afflictions as well.

    Topics: Truth, Affliction, Overcoming

One encounters no difficulty in accepting that truth which is agreeable; but it is not easy at all to take in a truth which blasts one's ego.

    Topics: Truth

The child of God must be willing to know all the truth concerning himself. This requires humility and sincerity.

    Topics: Truth

Irrespective of how we physiologically are made, even possessing special weaknesses, we can overcome our sins through the Lord.

    Topics: Weakness, Overcoming

At times it seems we require more grace to lose our wealth than to lose our life!

    Topics: Wealth, Grace

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