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God wills for us to be attached to nothing aside from Him, whether it be man or a thing or even something conferred on us by Himself.

    Topics: Selfishness

Unless self love is abandoned the believer shall forever shrink back when called actually to take up the cross for Christ.

    Topics: Selfishness, The Cross

Despite the fact our desires occasionally agree with His will, God is not delighted with them because they are nonetheless of ourselves.

    Topics: Selfishness

The Lord wants us to be used, yes; but what He is after is that we pour all we have, ourselves, to Him, and if that be all, that is enough.

    Topics: Service

Nothing is ever wasted on the Lord.

    Topics: Service

Recognize one thing only, the difference between man's work and God's.

    Topics: Service

All satanic works are performed from the outside inward; all divine works from the inside outward.

    Topics: Service

He does not want our heart to be attached anywhere because He wants us to serve Him freely.

    Topics: Service, The Heart

The Apostle is hence telling us that inasmuch as sinners cannot be saved through their efforts, so we who have been regenerated likewise cannot be perfected through any righteous acts of our flesh. How vain do such righteous deeds continue to be!

    Topics: Service, Righteousness

The greatest blunder Christians commit upon experiencing victory over sin lies in not using the way of victory to sustain it; instead they try to perpetuate the victory by their works and determination.

    Topics: Service, Victory

And how often pursuit after spiritual growth originates in the natural self perhaps only because we cannot bear the thought of falling behind or because we seek some personal gain. Bluntly state, the doing of good is not sin but the manner, methods, or motive in such good-doing may be surfeited with our self.

    Topics: Service, Growth

How imperfect is our willingness and how fickle is our condition!

    Topics: Service

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