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Why is the Christian's mental life so beset by evil spirits? This can be answered in one sentence: believers afford the evil spirits (or the devil) the opportunity to attack.

    Topics: Satan

The devil abhors light and truth because these remove the ground of his working.

    Topics: Satan, Truth, Light

Resistance is one of the indispensable elements in spiritual combat. The best defense is a continuous offense. Oppose with the will as well as with the strength in the spirit. How shall we resist? With the Word of God which is the Sword of the Holy Spirit.

    Topics: Scripture

God's people must not love their soul life even to the point of death. Unless self-love or self-pity is committed to the cross they shall surely be defeated by the adversary.

    Topics: Self-pity, The Cross, Self-love

Self-pity, self-love, fear of suffering, withdrawal from the cross: these are some of the manifestations of the soul life, for its prime motivation is the self-preservation. It is exceedingly reluctant to endure any loss.

    Topics: Self-pity, The Cross, Self-love

According to the Bible the works of the "flesh" are of two kinds (though both are of the flesh): the unrighteous and the self-righteous.

    Topics: Self-righteousness, The Bible

Most soulish believers assume an attitude of self-righteousness, though often it is scarcely detectable. They hold tenaciously to their minute opinions we ought to lay aside the small differences and pursue the common objective.

    Topics: Self-righteousness, Attitude

However sweet the word may sound, any sectarian boasting is but the babbling of a babe. The divisions in the church are due to no other cause than to lack of love and walking after the flesh.

    Topics: Selfishness, Boasting

The flesh makes self the center and elevates self-will above God's will. It may serve God, but always according to its idea, not according to God's. It will do what is good in its own eyes. Self is the principle behind every action.

    Topics: Selfishness

The difference between the good which proceeds from the flesh and the good which flows from the new life is that the flesh always has self at its center.

    Topics: Selfishness

The fall of man was due to the love of knowledge and of wisdom. Satan is employing the same tactic today in order to retain the believer's soul as his operative center.

    Topics: Selfishness, Knowledge

In so obeying Christ as to disregard his natural affection, a believer's natural love suffers intensely. Such sorrow and pain becomes a practical cross to him. Deep are the heart wounds and many are the tears when one has to forfeit the one he loves.

    Topics: Selfishness, The Cross

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