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Age Quotes

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Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age.
- Lucius Caelius Lactantius

    Author: Assorted Authors

History maketh a young man to be old, without wrinkles or gray hairs, privileging him with the experience of age, without either the infirmities or inconveniences thereof.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

Fancy and humour, early and constantly indulged in, may expect an old age overrun with follies.

    Author: Isaac Watts

Your latter days are supposed to be greater than your former days.

    Author: T.D. Jakes

Treat the elderly as a nonrenewable resource; they care!

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

Do you want a happy heart when you are old? Then get with the Lord and stay with Him. That is how it works.

    Author: Shelton Smith

Nowhere in Scripture do I read where we are to discuss hospice care with seniors so they're willing to get out of the way and let younger folks live more expediently.

    Author: Jonathan Falwell

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