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I wish, brothers and sisters, that we could all imitate "the pearl oyster"--A hurtful particle intrudes itself into its shell, and this vexes and grieves it. It cannot reject the evil, but what does it do but "cover" it with a precious substance extracted out of its own life, by which it turns the intruder into a pearl! Oh, that we could do so with the provocations we receive from our fellow Christians, so that pearls of patience, gentleness, and forgiveness might be bred within us by that which otherwise would have harmed us.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

The eagle-eyed, argus-eyed world observes everything we do, and sharp critics are upon us. Let us live the life of Christ in public. Let us take care that we exhibit our Master, and not ourselves--so that we can say, "It is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me."

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

Make us more dead to the world, and separate in spirit from it.

    Author: William Tiptaft

Do you find a single occasion in which Christ ever acted independently of God? If you walk in the same path it will be sweet to you to feel your entire dependency, finding in all difficulties the everlasting arms underneath.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

If the God of heaven is occupied with us, how many thoughts ought not we to have of that God? It is only as occupied with God and with Christ that we can be unworldly.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

It comes to my having the mind of God, do I want to be like Christ in everything? If born of God, I have power to overcome all that is not of God, and to walk according to God.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

Do I walk as a heavenly man--my ways, my conversation, the ways and conversation of a man whom Christ has stooped to wash in His blood?

    Author: G.V. Wigram

So cultivate the soul that all its powers will open out to God, and in beholding God be drawn away from sin.

    Author: Henry Drummond
    Source: Natural Law, Degeneration, p. 118.

If God is adding to our spiritual stature, unfolding the new nature within us, it is a mistake to keep twitching at the petals with our coarse fingers. We must seek to let the Creative Hand alone. "It is God which giveth the increase."

    Author: Henry Drummond
    Source: Natural Law, Growth, p. 137.

What makes a man a good artist, a good sculptor, a good musician? Practice... What makes a man a good man? Practice. Nothing else. There is nothing capricious about religion. We do not get the soul in different ways, under different laws, from those in which we get the body and the mind.

    Author: Henry Drummond
    Source: The Greatest Thing in the World, p. 40.

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