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If we neglect almost any of the domestic animals, they will rapidly revert to wild and worthless forms. Now, the same thing exactly would happen in the case of you or me. Why should man be an exception to any of the laws of nature?

    Topics: Nature
    Source: Natural Law, Degeneration, p. 99.

The animal world and the plant world are the same world. They are different parts of one environment. And the natural and spiritual are likewise one.

    Topics: Nature
    Source: Natural Law, Death, p. 157.

To go outside what we call Nature is not to go outside Environment. Nature, the natural Environment, is only a part of Environment. There is another large part, which, though some profess to have no correspondence with it, is not on that account unreal, or even unnatural. The mental and moral world is unknown to the plant. But it is real.

    Topics: Nature
    Source: Natural Law, Eternal Life, p. 232.

We fail to praise the ceaseless ministry of the great inanimate world around us only because its kindness is unobtrusive. Nature is always noiseless. All her greatest gifts are given in secret. And we forget how truly every good and perfect gift comes from without, and from above, because no pause in her changeless beneficence teaches us the sad lessons of deprivation.

    Topics: Nature
    Source: Natural Law, p. 274.

The work begun by Nature is finished by the Supernatural--as we are wont to call the higher natural. And as the veil is lifted by Christianity it strikes men dumb with wonder. For the goal of Evolution is Jesus Christ.

    Topics: Nature
    Source: Natural Law, p. 314.

No man can become a saint in his sleep.

    Topics: Perseverance

There is a Sense of Sight in the religious nature. Neglect this, leave it undeveloped, and you never miss it. You simply see nothing. But develop it and you see God.

    Topics: Perseverance
    Source: Natural Law, Degeneration, p. 118.

The nescience of the Agnostic philosophy is the proof from experience that to be carnally minded is Death.

    Topics: Philosophy
    Source: Natural Law, p. 161.

The visible is the ladder up to the invisible; the temporal is but the scaffolding of the eternal. And when the last immaterial souls have climbed through this material to God, the scaffolding shall be taken down, and the earth dissolved with fervent heat--not because it was base, but because its work is done.

    Topics: Prophecy
    Source: Natural Law, p. 57.

Nothing that happens in the world happens by chance. God is a God of order. Everything is arranged upon definite principles, and never at random. The world, even the religious world, is governed by law. Character is governed by law. Happiness is governed by law. The Christian experiences are governed by law.

    Topics: Providence
    Source: Pax Vobiscum, p. 17.

Become pure in heart. The pure in heart shall see God. Here, then, is one opening for soul-culture--the avenue through purity of heart to the spiritual seeing of God.

    Topics: Purity
    Source: Natural Law, Degeneration, p. 119.

The man whose blood is pure has nothing to fear. So he whose spirit is purified and sweetened becomes proof against these germs of sin. "Anger, wrath, malice and railing" in such a soil can find no root.

    Topics: Purity
    Source: Natural Law, Mortification, p. 192.

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