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Better a little faith dearly won, better launched alone on the infinite bewilderment of Truth, than perish on the splendid plenty of the richest creeds. Such Doubt is no self-willed presumption. Nor, truly exercised, will it prove itself, as much doubt does, the synonym for sorrow.

    Topics: Faith
    Source: Natural Law, p. 365.

He lives who dies to win a lasting name.

    Topics: Faithful

The family circle is the supreme conductor of Christianity.

    Topics: Family, Christianity

Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.

    Topics: Friendship

Friendship is the nearest thing we know to what religion is. God is love. And to make religion akin to Friendship is simply to give it the highest expression conceivable by man.

    Topics: Friendship
    Source: The Changed Life, p. 49.

Our companionship with Him, like all true companionship, is a spiritual communion. All friendship, all love, human and Divine, is purely spiritual. It was after He was risen that He influenced even the disciples most.

    Topics: Friendship
    Source: The Changed Life, p. 38.

How can modern men today make Christ, the absent Christ, their most constant companion still? The answer is that Friendship is a spiritual thing. It is independent of Matter, or Space, or Time. That which I love in my friend is not that which I see. What influences me in my friend is not his body but his spirit.

    Topics: Friendship
    Source: The Changed Life, p. 37.

The most obvious lesson in Christ's teaching is that there is no happiness in having or getting anything, but only in giving.

    Topics: Giving

There is no happiness in having and getting, but only in giving ... half the world is on the wrong scent in the pursuit of happiness.

    Topics: Giving
    Source: The Greatest Thing in the World.

When God speaks He speaks so loudly that all the voices of the world seem dumb. And yet when God speaks He speaks so softly that no one hears the whisper but yourself.

    Topics: God

There is a Sense of Sound. Neglect this, leave it undeveloped, and you never miss it. Develop it, and you hear God. And the line along which to develop it is known to us. Obey Christ.

    Topics: God
    Source: Natural Law, Degeneration, p. 119.

Is man in correspondence with the whole environment or is he not? ... He is not. Of men generally it cannot be said that they are in living contact with that part of the environment which is called the spiritual world.

    Topics: God
    Source: Natural Law, Death, p. 156.

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