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Lying Quotes

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A lie cannot live.

    Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Falsehood is in a hurry; it may be at any moment detected and punished; truth is calm, serene; its judgment is on high; its king cometh out of the chambers of eternity.
- Joseph Parker

    Author: Assorted Authors

A little lie can travel half way 'round the world while Truth is still lacing up her boots.
- Mark Twain

    Author: Assorted Authors

There is no detraction worse than to overpraise a man; for if his worth prove short of what report doth speak of him, his own actions are ever giving the lie to his honor.

    Author: Owen Feltham

A willful falsehood told is a cripple, not able to stand by itself without another to support it. It is easy to tell a lie, but hard to tell only one lie.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

"They say so" is half a lie.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

A lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

Even doubtful accusations leave a stain behind them.

    Author: Thomas Fuller

Blessed be the God's voice; for it is true, and falsehoods have to cease before it!

    Author: Thomas Carlyle

Whatever is only almost true is quite false, and among the most dangerous of errors, because being so near truth, it is the more likely to lead astray.

    Author: Henry Ward Beecher

When a false argument puts on the appearance of a true one, then it is properly called a sophism or fallacy.

    Author: Isaac Watts

I would not tell one lie to save the souls of all the world.

    Author: John Wesley

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