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We should never think that once we have given some money and time to the Lord that the rest is ours to do with as we please. All that we have belongs to God, so He should be taken into consideration in everything we do.

    Author: Theodore Epp

Water is useful to the ship and helps it to sail better to the haven, but let the water get into the ship, if it is not pumped out, it drowns the ship. So riches are useful and convenient for our passage. We sail more comfortably with them through the troubles of this world; but if the water gets into the ship, if love of riches gets into the heart, then we are drowned by them.

    Author: Thomas Watson

The fellow that has no money is poor. The fellow that has nothing but money is poorer still.

    Author: Billy Sunday

We understand why in the Bible repentance precedes faith. Before people find their need -- love met in God, they are looking to other things, often money, for satisfaction. So believing in God has to involve a 180-degree turn away (that is, repentance) from the love of money to find contentment and confidence for the future simply in knowing God and depending on His promises.

    Author: Daniel Fuller
    Source: The Unity of the Bible

Money never stays with me. It would burn me if it did. I throw it out of my hands as soon as possible, lest it should find its way into my heart.

    Author: John Wesley

God doesn't need us to give Him our money. He owns everything. Tithing is God's way to grow Christians.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

It's about time we stopped buying things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

You can sing all you want about how you love Jesus, you can have crocodile tears in your eyes, but the consecration that doesn't reach your purse has not reached your heart.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

God does not need your money; He wants what it represents-you. Finances are God's gift to you to fulfill His will for your life. While God desires you to prioritize His work in giving, He wants you to purpose to follow and serve Him no matter what happens with your finances.

    Author: Paul Chappell

God doesn't promise to overflow your bank account, but promises to provide for your every need.

    Author: Paul Chappell

God never leads anyone anywhere for money.

    Author: Jack Hyles

I am dismayed by the contracts required by some contemporary musical groups. To perform a concert at your church, the stated fee will be so much (in either four or five figures) plus round trip airfare--often first class, not coach. Every detail of the accommodations is spelled out, down to "sushi for twenty persons" waiting at the hotel, in one case. All this is done so that the group can stand before an inner-city audience and exhort the people to "just trust the Lord for all your needs.

    Author: Jim Cymbala
    Source: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

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