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Righteousness Quotes

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God never alters the robe of righteousness to fit the man. Rather He alters the man to fit the robe.

    Author: John Hagee

Light reveals righteousness, and it also reveals sin.

    Author: Theodore Epp

A righteous man may make a righteous work, but no work of an unrighteous man can make him righteous. Now we become righteous only by faith, through the righteousness of Christ imputed to us.

    Author: Thomas Boston

A man shall as soon force fruit out of a branch broken off from the tree and withered, as work righteousness without believing in, and uniting with Christ. These are two things by which those that hear the gospel are ruined.

    Author: Thomas Boston

The righteousness of Christ is to be magnified - when the righteousness of a Christian is not to be mentioned.

    Author: William Secker
    Source: The Consistent Christian, 1660.

Within evangelicalism is a distressing drift toward accepting a Christianity that does not demand a life-changing walk with God. Many evangelicals (today) do not realize that the church has always been an island of righteousness in a sea of paganism, but as a result they turned the world upside-down.

    Author: Erwin Lutzer

Men love everything but righteousness and fear everything but God.

    Author: Vance Havner

Thou must be righteous and holy, before thou canst live righteously and holily.

    Author: William Gurnall
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Your mind is torn between love and righteousness, then honey go righteousness and God will bless you back.

    Author: Duane Chapman

The righteous do good and forget about having done it! The unrighteous however, keep a mental record of all the good that they have done.

    Author: Zac Poonen

Justification. In popular usage this word means showing proper grounds for. In theological context, however, justification is the judicial act of God declaring one to be righteous by imputation of righteousness to him.

    Author: John F. Walvoord

Many people live righteously for selfish or misguided reasons. If you are striving to please God, examine your motives today.

    Author: Paul Chappell

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