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Man may think human intellect and reasoning are almighty, that the brain is able to comprehend all truths of the world; but the verdict of God's Word is, "vanity of vanities."

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How true it is that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit intellect not only is undependable but also extremely dangerous, because it often confuses the issue of right and wrong.

    Topics: Reasoning

How dangerous a master human emotion is!

    Topics: Reasoning

(speaking of soulish believers). These follow their desires and ideas and seek sensual pleasure and mental wisdom. While they may be spiritual in knowledge, in point of fact they are soulish.

    Topics: Reasoning

Unlike spiritual Christians, who seek not so much the explanation as the experience of being one with God, soulish believers look diligently for an understanding in their mind.

    Topics: Reasoning, Diligence

His heart is alright and his intention is good, but it is founded upon human consideration derived from the soul life. All such considerations the Lord must reject. Even to desire after the Lord is not permitted if done by the flesh. Does this not demonstrate beyond doubt that we can indeed be soulish in serving and desiring the Lord?

    Topics: Reasoning

The mind, if overly active, may affect and disturb the quietness of the spirit.

    Topics: Reasoning

Despite a great revival in Samaria, Philip was not responsible for the follow-up labor of strengthening. He must leave immediately for the desert in order that a "heathen" eunuch might be saved. Ananias had not heard of Saul's conversion, but he could not refuse to go to pray for Saul when sent, though by standards of human judgment he was casting his life away by walking directly into the persecutor's hand. How then dare we follow our mind, emotion or will if even the Apostles did not move on that basis?. How people today have seized upon reason, thought, idea, feeling, wish and desire as the governing factors in work!

    Topics: Reasoning

Eve's heart was sinless and yet she received Satan's suggested thoughts. She was thus beguiled through his deception into forfeiting her reasoning and tumbling into the snare of the enemy.

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How often the intents of the heart are utterly pure and yet the thoughts in the head are confused.

    Topics: Reasoning, The Heart

If our brain is full of prejudice towards the truth or towards the preacher, truth will not enter it nor will it extend to our life. No wonder some believers derive no help already have they decided what they would like to read or hear.

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Even in a time of desperation the flesh continues to scheme and to search for a loophole. It never has the sense of utter dependency. This alone can be a test whereby a believer may know whether or not a work is of the flesh.

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