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You will find indwelling sin frequently retarding you the most, when you are most earnest. When you desire to be most alive to God - you will generally find sin most alive to repel you.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: Indwelling Sin, Sermon from Job 40:3-4.

As regards public sins, experience has shown us that these can only be swept away by public confession. True, this amounts to crucifixion; but by our willful disobedience we have put the Lord of Glory to an open shame, and it is the price that we must pay.

    Author: Jonathan Goforth

Love is proportional to hurt. God is love, so He is enormously grieved by our sins.

    Author: Winkie Pratney

No matter where it ends, sin always begins when an evil thought is sown in the mind and heart.

    Author: John MacArthur

We do not sin simply because of Satan or because of social deprivation, stressful situations, bad influences, or any other external cause. Those things may tempt us to sin and make sinning easier, but when we commit sin - or even intend to commit sin - it is because we decide to sin. Sin is an act of the will.

    Author: John MacArthur

Grant that we may not sin cheaply.

    Author: William Tiptaft

Sin is of a defiling nature. You cannot touch pitch and not be defiled.

    Author: William Tiptaft

Sinning will stop praying; or praying will stop sinning.

    Author: William Tiptaft

We are not going to jump out of Delilah's lap into Abraham's bosom.

    Author: William Tiptaft

How many who died last century are in hell--who never committed half the sins some of you have!

    Author: William Tiptaft

I see Christ's heart yearning over poor sinners--not poor sinners' hearts yearning after Christ.

    Author: G.V. Wigram

A sin...consists in doing, saying, thinking, or imagining anything that is not in perfect conformity with the mind and law of God

    Author: J.C. Ryle
    Source: Holiness.

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