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No man living in any known sin is ever comforted of God. The Holy Ghost never yet spake one word of all His abounding consolations to any man so long as he lived in any actual sin, or in any neglect of known duty.

    Author: Alexander Whyte

As long as your sin breaks your heart, as long as your disobedience makes you lie awake nights and wet your pillow in tears there is hope for you. But when you become contented with your wickedness, when you come to believe that it is the best possible for you, then you are in danger indeed.

    Author: Clovis G. Chappell

God knows it all and is keeping a record even of those secrets we have repressed.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

Sin is not just breaking God's laws; it is breaking His heart.

    Author: Adrian Rogers

Sin came into the universe when an angel became proud.

    Author: Zac Poonen

Sin came through the pride of Lucifer and salvation came through the humility of Jesus.

    Author: Zac Poonen

It is a great sin to think any sin little; but it is a greater sin to think the righteousness of Christ is not above all sin.

    Author: Ralph Erskine
    Source: And Walking in Him, Opened

The least sin is unpardonable without this obedience and righteousness of Christ; and the greatest is pardonable by it.

    Author: Ralph Erskine
    Source: And Walking in Him, Opened

Men are not sinners because they choose to sin; they choose to sin because they are sinners.

    Author: Walter J. Chantry
    Source: Man's Will-Free Yet Bound, The Banner of Truth magazine, Issue 140

First we practice sin, then defend it, then boast of it.

    Author: Thomas Manton
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

If turning from your sins means to stop sinning, then people can only be saved if they stop sinning. And it is unlikely that anyone has ever been saved, since we don't know anyone who has ever stopped sinning.

    Author: Curtis Hutson

We need to see people as dead in trespasses and sins, sinking into the pit of Hell without our loving Saviour.

    Author: Lee Roberson

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