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The reason we come away so cold from reading the word is, because we do not warm ourselves at the fire of meditation.

    Topics: Meditation

Christians, you who are vessels of election - were by nature as wicked as others - but God had compassion on you and plucked you as brands out of the fire! He stopped you in your course of sinning - when you were marching to hell! He turned you back to Him by sincere repentance. Oh, here is the banner of love displayed over you!

    Topics: Mercy
    Source: The Mischief of Sin.

God is more willing to pardon than to punish. Mercy does more multiply in Him than sin in us. Mercy is His nature.

    Topics: Mercy
    Source: All Things for God.

Mercy is not for them that sin and fear not, but for them that fear and sin not.

    Topics: Mercy, Fear
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

The mercies of God make a sinner proud, but a saint humble.

    Topics: Mercy, Humility
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Water is useful to the ship and helps it to sail better to the haven, but let the water get into the ship, if it is not pumped out, it drowns the ship. So riches are useful and convenient for our passage. We sail more comfortably with them through the troubles of this world; but if the water gets into the ship, if love of riches gets into the heart, then we are drowned by them.

    Topics: Money

Heat water to the highest degree, you cannot make wine of it; it is water still; so, let morality be raised to the highest, it is nature still; it is old Adam put in a better dress.

    Topics: Morality, Nature

To obey God in some things, and not in others, shows an unsound heart. Childlike obedience moves toward even command of God, as the needle points where the loadstone draws.

    Topics: Obedience

A child of God, though he cannot serve the Lord perfectly, yet he serves him willingly; his will is in the law of the Lord; he is not a pressed soldier, but a volunteer. By the beating of this pulse we may judge whether there be spiritual life in us or no.

    Topics: Obedience

Be not only attentive in hearing, but retentive after hearing.

    Topics: Obedience
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

A Christian without patience is like a soldier without arms.

    Topics: Patience

To be of a peaceable spirit brings peace along with it.

    Topics: Peace

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