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How many of the Lord's people today are developing in the wrong direction! Many assume that upon being saved they must seek higher Bible knowledge, better utterance in preaching, and more spiritual gifts. They forget it is their spirit that must advance. Speech, knowledge and gift are purely outwards matters.

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Milk is pre-digested food. What this denotes is that the soulish believer cannot maintain clear fellowship with God in the spirit's intuition and hence must depend upon other more advanced Christians for the things of God.

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An impulsive thought is not to be interpreted as belonging to the spirit of revelation.

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Besides the function of intuition and communion, our spirit performs still another important task - that of correcting and reprimanding so as to render us uneasy when we fall short of the glory of God.

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There are countless Christians who consider the occasional working of the Holy Spirit in their spirit to be the most sublime of their life experiences. Were they to live by the spirit according to its law, however, they would discover that these are everyday occurrences.

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One thing is unmistakable: the soul is affected by outside influences, but not the spirit. For example, when the soul is provided with beautiful scenery, serene nature, inspiring music, or many other phenomena pertaining to the external world, it can be moved instantly and respond strongly. Not so the spirit. Hence those that are genuinely spiritual can be active whether or not their soul has feeling or their body has strength.

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In walking after the spirit we must avoid all haste.

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Some seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit with genuine earnestness. Yet often what they crave is but some joy, for the "I" is hidden behind their quest.

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What is really valuable before God is not how we emotionally feel the presence of the Lord or how we even feel love towards Him; rather is it how we follow the Holy Spirit and live according to what He has revealed to our spirit. Not emotion but communion with the Lord in the spirit is what is valuable before God.

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The gospel we preach must not be just something we hear from men or read from books or even conceived through our meditation. Unless it is delivered to us by God, it can serve no spiritual utility.

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To confirm whether or not we are moved by, and walk in, the Holy Spirit, we must see if any given thing harmonizes with the teaching of the Bible. The revelation of the Holy Spirit sensed by our spirit must coincide with the revelation of the Holy Spirit in Scripture.

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The adversary is familiar with the requirements of the spirit; therefore he frequently acts against he believer's soul and body. One's mind may be confused, his emotions disturbed, his will weary and impotent to actively govern the whole being, or his body overly tired and temporarily lazy. He must resist these symptoms at one or else his spirit will be blocked in.

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