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A person who wholly follows the Lord is one who believes that the promises of God are trustworthy, that He is with His people, and that they are well able to overcome.

    Topics: Faith, Overcoming

We have received life, yet this life and the head are inseparable. Upon our accepting Him, we still must live in Him. Though we have received Him, we are yet to depend on Him. Accordingly, we cannot be independent in anything. The Lord alone is head, and He is the sole resource of our life.

    Topics: Faith

Baptism is faith in action.

    Topics: Faith, Baptism

Many confuse understanding with believing.

    Topics: Faith, Believing

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith.

    Topics: Faith, Baptism

The life of faith is not only totally different from, but also diametrically opposite to, a life of feeling.

    Topics: Faith

Our rest lies in looking to the Lord, not to ourselves.

    Topics: Faith, Rest

Now we may infer from any defeat of ours that it is due either to lack of faith or failure to obey. No other reason can suffice.

    Topics: Faith, Rebellion

Not by feeling but by faith do the spiritual live.

    Topics: Faith

Frequently many children of God turn within themselves, that is, they look into their soul to determine whether they have peace, grace or spiritual progress. This is most harmful and is not of faith. It diverts them from gazing upon Christ to looking at themselves.

    Topics: Faith

The opposite of sight and feeling is faith. Now it is the soulish person who gains assurance by grasping the things which can be seen and felt; but the person who follows the spirit lives by faith, not by sight.

    Topics: Faith, Assurance

Faith looks not at what happens to him but at Him Whom he believes.

    Topics: Faith

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