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God's pleasure or displeasure is not founded upon the principle of good and evil. Rather, God traces the source of all things. An action may be quite correct, yet God inquires, what is its origin?

    Topics: Good and Evil

Natural strength is what we receive from the hand of God as Creator. Spiritual strength is what we receive from God in grace.

    Topics: Grace

One gains by losing self for others and not by hoarding for oneself.

    Topics: Greed

A mistaken thought may be corrected easily, but an errant affection is nearly unmanageable.

    Topics: Habits

Sometimes the joy which floods the soul overflows into the spirit, inducing the believer to think he is the happiest person in the world; at other times sorrow pervades and he becomes the most unhappy person. A soulish Christian frequently encounters such experiences.

    Topics: Happiness, Joy

Numerous Christians do not know how to glorify God in their eating and drinking. They do not eat and drink simply to keep their body fit for the Lord's use but indulge to satisfy their personal desires. We should understand that the body is for the Lord and not for ourselves; hence we should refrain from using it for our pleasure. Food ought not hinder our fellowship with God since it is to be taken purely to preserve the body in health.

    Topics: Health

Many people think we become holy by the eradication of something evil within. No, we become holy by being separated unto God.

    Topics: Holiness

It is true that this soul life is given by the Creator; nevertheless, He desires us not to be governed by it.

    Topics: Holiness

Peter told the Lord: "You must pity Yourself!" The Lord came back with: "You must deny yourself."

    Topics: Holiness

If he but casts one longing glance it is sufficient to disclose to us that he does not truly recognize where the world stands in relation to the cross. Only after one is actually willing to offer his soul life to death will he be fit to follow the "Sermon on the Mount" without flinching.

    Topics: Holiness, The Cross

The attitude of saints toward their possessions most assuredly signifies whether they continue to preserve their self life or whether they have consigned it to death.

    Topics: Holiness, Attitude

The God Who can change a sinner into a Christian by giving him His life can equally transform the fleshly Christian into a spiritual one by giving him His life more abundantly.

    Topics: Holiness, Conversion, Transformation

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