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If one's conscience is willing to confess whatever sins have been committed, including the sin of unbelief, it will be sorrowful in a godly way, earnestly desiring the mercy of God.

    Topics: Conscience, Mercy, Unbelief

We must stress the precious blood and the conscience proportionally. Some strongly insist on the latter but overlook the former; consequently sinners try hard to repent and to do good, hoping in this way to propitiate God's wrath with their own merits. Others emphasize the precious blood but neglect conscience.

    Topics: Conscience

If our inward monitor judges us to be wrong we must in fact be wrong. When it condemns, let us repent immediately. We must never attempt to cover our sin or bribe our conscience.

    Topics: Conscience

Whatever conscience condemns is condemned by God. Can the holiness of God pursue a lower standard than our conscience?

    Topics: Conscience

Doubling the consecration will not silence the accusing monitor; its voice must be followed; that and nothing else can ever please God. Conscience simply demands our obedience; it does not require us to serve God in any spectacular way.

    Topics: Conscience, Consecration

Let us therefore not deceive ourselves. In walking according to the spirit we shall hear the direction of conscience. Do not try to escape any inward reproach; rather, be attentive to its voice.

    Topics: Conscience, Holy Spirit, Deception

Children of God should not make a general confession by acknowledging their innumerable sins in a vague manner, because such confession does not provide conscience opportunity to do its perfect work. They ought to allow the Holy Spirit through their conscience to point out their sins one by one. Christians must accept its reproach and be willing, according to the mind of the Spirit, to eliminate everything which is contrary to God.

    Topics: Conscience, Holy Spirit, Confession

Only an unconditional and unrestricted acceptance of the reproach of conscience with a corresponding willingness to do what is revealed can show how perfect is our consecration, how truly we hate sin how sincerely we desire to do God's will.

    Topics: Conscience, Consecration

A believer can make no genuine spiritual progress if he is reluctant to have his evil conscience judged in God's light and clearly dealt with.

    Topics: Conscience, Judging

Whenever a believer is therefore reproved by his conscience his immediate response should be: "Lord, I am willing to obey."

    Topics: Conscience

Believers simply do not realize how very significant their conscience is.

    Topics: Conscience

We can serve God only with a clear conscience. An opaque one shall surely cause us to shrink back intuitively from God.

    Topics: Conscience, Service

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