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Many times men criticize us when we actually are following the Lord. Outside praise or criticism is inconsequential; but the testimony of our quickened conscience is momentous.

    Topics: Conscience, Criticism

Naturally there are many reasons for not possessing greater faith, but the gravest of these is probably an evil conscience. A good conscience is inseparable from a great faith.

    Topics: Conscience, Faith

On the other hand, were we to permit to remain even the tiniest little sin which we know our conscience has condemned, we instantly would lose that perfect fellowship with God.

    Topics: Conscience, Sin, Fellowship

Yet, having fully obeyed the dictates of conscience, we must not visualize ourselves as now "perfect."

    Topics: Conscience

Conscience is a God-given current standard of holiness.

    Topics: Conscience

In fact, in helping other people we should not coerce obedience from them in small details but only advice them to follow faithfully the dictate of their own conscience.

    Topics: Conscience, Helping

Countless are those Christians who have disregarded their conscience in the past and are now unlively, merely holding some dead knowledge in their brain.

    Topics: Conscience

The enemy utilizes this desire of keeping the conscience void of offense by accusing us of various things. In mistaking such accusations as being from our own consciences we often lose our peace, tire of trying to keep pace with false accusations, and thus cease to advance spiritually with confidence.

    Topics: Conscience, Satan

In addition to their willingness to yield to conscience's reproof, spiritual believers should also learn how to discern the accusation of the enemy.

    Topics: Conscience, Satan, Discernment

Actually, only God can satisfy a Christian's heart; man cannot.

    Topics: Contentment, The Heart

He who is able to accept everything gladly from the Lord - including darkness, dryness, flatness - and completely disregard self is he who lives for Him.

    Topics: Contentment

After a person has forsaken his natural longings he obtains a genuinely restful life. Formerly he had many desires. To satisfy them he planned, plotted and contrived, exhausting every ounce of his wisdom and power. His heart was in constant turmoil. But that child of God who purely follows the spirit and seeks not his own pleasure is satisfied with what God gives to him: and his restlessness immediately ceases.

    Topics: Contentment

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