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Woodrow Kroll Quotes

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When God says "nothing is too hard," He means "nothing".

    Topics: Grace

We rejoice in spite of our grief, not in place of it.

    Topics: Grief, Joy

In helping others, we help ourselves.

    Topics: Helping

Every Christian bears Christ's name; live as an honor to His name.

    Topics: Holiness

Intimacy with God comes in whispers, not shouts.

    Topics: Holiness

When we hide ourselves in Christ, God never hides Himself from us.

    Topics: Holiness

Be filled with the Spirit and you'll never run out of gas.

    Topics: Holy Spirit

You are never left alone when you are alone with God.

    Topics: Holy Spirit

We can't give our all to Jesus and keep some for ourselves.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Whitewash won't hold up a fence.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Ultimately, all our complaints are directed against God.

    Topics: Impatience

When the Bible tells us to pray for the very people who have hurt us, it's not to inflict more pain on us. Prayer is not about our hurt, it's about the needs of other people.

    Topics: Intercession

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