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Woodrow Kroll Quotes

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The most dangerous leap is the leap to conclusions.

    Topics: Judging

Justice is for those who deserve it, mercy is for those who don't.

    Topics: Justice, Mercy

A life empty of values is a life without value.

    Topics: Life

God's purpose gives life meaning.

    Topics: Life

If we don't live for what lasts, we'll live for far less.

    Topics: Life

Let the Guide of your youth be the Guide of your life.

    Topics: Life

When life is not fair, God is.

    Topics: Life

You have eternity to enjoy the honeymoon, but only a short time to prepare for the wedding.

    Topics: Life, Eternity

Glory in Christ and you can bask in His light forever.

    Topics: Light

A man all wrapped up in himself makes a pretty small package.

    Topics: Men

An ounce of obedience is worth a pound of protection.

    Topics: Obedience

Obedience is not just good for you; it's best for you.

    Topics: Obedience

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